Creating an Online Store

With SLASHLOCAL you can easily sell items through your own online mobile store, after a quick setup.

Please note: This article focuses on managing your store using the SLASHLOCAL web site. All the same, the functionality of the iPhone app follows the same principles as the ones described below.

Create Your Own Store

To manage your online store, you must be logged in using your user ID and password.

Then, click on the "My Store" menu item, and:

  • Add / Edit / Delete items in your catalog
  • Manage the content, ordering and appearance of the items in your public catalog
  • Publish the lists and items in your catalog (only published items are visible to others)
  • Manage orders received from your customers
  • View a history of your online sales

Catalog items and online payments

In order to display items in your public catalog, you must:

  • Subscribe to a free or paid plan

    This video summarizes subscription and first steps :

  • Create lists and add items in your store
  • Publish your lists and items (the maximum number of published items depends on your current subscription plan)

Stripe is our supplier for online payments.

To sell items and accept online payments, you must:

  • Subscribe to a paid plan (Starter, Growing or Established)
  • In your settings, create a Stripe account and link it to your SLASHLOCAL  account
  • Create lists and add items in your store
  • Publish your lists and items (the maximum number of published items depends on your current subscription plan)

    This video summarizes the steps of creating your catalog (uploading images, creating items, publishing, access your catalog directly or from social networks) :

  • Process your orders online and receive payments via Stripe. Great job!

Complete your public profile

To complete your public catalog, you should customize your profile via the "Settings" menu:

  • Add your logo
  • Complete the information on your public profile
  • Modify your subscription needed

Bring your store to life

Optimize your public catalog and complete your news feed via the "Communicate" menu:

  • Add content regularly to "My Posts": news about your products, services, events or promotions
  • Users who added your store to their favorites are notified of your news and may think of you in time for their next purchases!

Thank you for using SLASHLOCAL and Good luck to your store!

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