Easy shopping on the Web and on your mobile device

SLASHLOCAL allows you to find and compare items, request information from sellers and quickly pay and collect your purchases. Stay up to date on the progress of your order via sensible notifications. There is no waiting in line and no waiting for a package to be delivered.

Reliable and secure shopping experience

SLASHLOCAL is built upon reliable and innovative technologies. Transactions are conducted in a secure environment. At SLASHLOCAL, we strive to maintain the highest respect for user privacy and data security.

It's local! Find favorite brands or discover new products based on a specific search location

SLASHLOCAL is a geolocalized catalog. It lets you find products from participating stores, based on their geolocation. Each business has a personalized space to present its products, novelties, promotions, etc.

Get news from your favorite stores and keep track of sale events, as they are being announced

Configure your communication preferences and only receive alerts from shops that interest you, at the frequency of your choice. We don't enjoy excessive alerts, and certainly neither do you.

Enjoy a unique shopping experience

SLASHLOCAL facilitates your local shopping experience. Using the mobile iOS app allows you to:

  • Discover products and services nearby
  • Communicate directly with sellers
  • Add products to cart and Pay the seller directly
  • Save your preferences, keep favorite items and shops
  • Receive alerts for news and sale events posted by your favorite stores

Support local communities by encouraging local commerce

Online shopping doesn't have to be just about receiving a package shipped from the other side of the planet. You might find exactly what you're looking for at a local store near you. We believe that SLASHLOCAL has the power to transform, sustain and develop communities by encouraging consumers to shop local first.

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