Who are we?

We are team of dedicated professionals with various backgrounds in IT, marketing and community building.

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Marc Calixte

Software Designer and Systems Architect 

Marc has over 25 years of IT experience as a Software Designer and Systems Architect. During his career, he has developed a strong expertise in several IT domains and in Strategic Consulting, Development and Management within various large-scale projects based on new technologies.




Octavian Cismasu

Software Engineer

Octavian has over 18 years of experience in Software Design, Development and Testing. He is actively designing and developing applications for Web and iOS / iPhone platforms. Entrepreneurial, creative and skilled, he thrives in environments that require problem solving.



Normand Beauregard

Marketing Consultant and Strategic Planner

Besides being a Marketing lecturer at UQAM, Normand has over 25 years of experience in Consulting, Project Management and Strategic Planning. He has led several major business transformations and strategic development in sectors such as Finance, Real estate, technology and retail businesses. 




Joanne Bonnici

Community Builder

With community commitment at heart, Joanne has been involved in several initiatives aimed at building ties and fostering a sense of belonging to the community. Whether through education, humanitarian projects or political involvement, Joanne is a mobilizing force who knows how to listen to the needs of people, identify their strengths, so they can each make a positive contribution and rally around a common cause. More recently, she initiated and collaborated in the creation of the alternative school in Verdun (Montréal) focused on the outdoor education and community involvement.



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